Since training with Gloucestershire Counselling Service back in the mid-90s (that's last century?!) I've gravitated into mentoring work wherever I go.

Having worked in the safeguarding realm in Wiltshire and leading an Outreach Team at the University of Bath, the mentoring role was an instinctual part of my work. Chairing the disability committee across the (then) 13 higher education institutions across south west England gave me insight around mental health awareness, hidden disabilities and limiting beliefs... everything is interconnected.

Now as a full-time artist who embraces accountability calls, mastermind groups, networking opportunities and business mentors, it really is fabulous to have the support and expertise to help me grow - and I watch colleagues do the same.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what we need, to understand where to start, or just find a completely neutral voice to bounce ideas off.

My past lives have taught me how to tease out all those things, develop a plan and maintain accountability to see it through. Whether an artist wants one or two sessions, or needs a longer structure, I can help.

Usually I have a 30 minute discovery call to see if we gel and then we can book in paid sessions if we decide to go ahead.

If you would like to join my waiting list (my spaces are limited as my own work as an artist is a full-time career!) please do send me an email or fill in the contact form.

If we haven't met before, do have a listen to the artchatter podcast, which I co-host as a way of supporting artists far and wide.

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